Secrets To Choosing The Best Cat Litter Box

Recently I was having some issues with my cat litter box which I thought is the best cat litter box out there. It made me think about problems cat owners may be facing on a daily basis with the cat litter. An average cat uses litter box about 2 to 4 times per day due to which it makes sense to avoid cutting corners and put a lot of thought into choosing the best cat litter box. Unfortunately, most cat owners don’t know how to select the best kitty litter box. It happens mainly because of their lack of knowledge about what to look for in a kitty litter box. Choosing the wrong litter pan or box can make cat owner frustrated and overwhelmed due to which they might start putting their cat into shelters (I can relate to this because I was having same thoughts when my cat litter box stopped working properly).

Is There Any Perfect Cat Litter Box?

First of all, nothing is perfect! Cat litter box is not an exception. However, there are some litter pans and boxes that work really good. The first kitty litter boxes were introduced in 1940s. They have transformed over time and today we have the most efficient litter boxes. If you are looking for a new cat litter furniture for your cat, here you will find complete information about the most common types of litter available out there.

Scoop Away Cat Litter

Scoop away or clumping kitty litter box is the best option for cat owners. What makes it highly efficient is its ability to completely remove both the feces and the urine from the box each time it is cleaned. These litter boxes are of different types:
– Clay
– Corn
– Wheat
– Grass
– Pine

Non-clumping Cat Litter Boxes

Non-clumping clay litters, the white pearl litters and all types of pelleted kitty litter boxes are not capable of completely removing the urine. That being said, for small kittens (younger than 6 to 7 weeks), non-clumping litters are a good option. This will help you maintain cleanliness, discard the entire amount of cat litter on a daily basis, and wash the litter box completely before re-filling.

Dust Free Cat Litter

This type of kitty litter has crystals that are made of tiny silica gel beads. The crystals are highly absorbent, have pleasant odor, and they are dust-free. These litter boxes tend to be a little bit more expensive than other options, but they have great benefits which make them good option. For example, they have a long life, they are dust-free, and they are highly absorbent. But, some cats may not like them because of the rough shape of the crystals that they will feel on their paws.

Self- cleaning Cat Litter Box

Cleaning the cat litter can be hassle some, especially if you are clean or hygiene freak you might not want to touch the litter box. Also, it will take lots of your time if you clean the litter 2 or 3 times a day. For this reason, there is self-cleaning cat litter box. Cleaning is very important because your cat will use the litter box only if it’s clean. A good litter box should be completely cleaned at least once a day. Self-cleaning litter box cleans itself at a specific time. All you need to do is set the timer and the cleaning cycle will run at that time without you having to do anything. It is highly recommended to use a self cleaning cat litter box. In case if your kitty litter is not self cleaning, check this step-by-step guide about how to clean the cat litter box.

Covered Cat Litter Box

An ideal cat litter box should be invisible. But in reality, it does not exist. However, there are some covered cat litter boxes. As a cat owner, you may want to have a hooded or covered cat litter box for your kitten, but your kitten may not want to use it. If your cat is timid or likes privacy for urinating and pooping, then these types of litter boxes are good. Before you go ahead and get a covered cat litter box, there are some things that you should know about these boxes. For example, they are small in size which makes it difficult for cat to comfortably turn around in and urinate or poop. Another thing you should know is that they my trap odor inside, which will make it unpleasant for your cat to use. They may also trap dust inside which can get more concentrated when cats dig. To know more about covered cat litter boxes, click here.

Where to Put Cat Litter Box?

You may have got a new cat litter box and you may be asking yourself, where I can put a litter box, here are some tips for you. Avoid putting the litter pan or box in out of the way places where your cat don’t have easy access to it. Places you should avoid include:

Basements –your cat may find it difficult to access the litter box, especially senior cats may have trouble using the stairs to go to basement to use the litter tray.

Near noisy appliances – noisy appliances, such as washer, dryer or furnaces may instill fear in your cat or make them feel uncomfortable while using the litter box.

Near feeding and watering stations – most cats don’t like to excrete where they eat.
It is highly recommended to have one cat litter tray or box on each level if you live in a multi-level home. Also, avoid putting two boxes next to each other if you have two cats because they don’t like to share the litter box.

Ideal Size of Cat Litter Box

Size is very important when it comes to choosing best cat litter box. Generally, a big litter box is always better. This is mainly because a big box allows your cat to get in, urinate and defecate, and get out comfortably. It is advised to go for a litter box that should be at least 1.5 times the length of your cat from the nose to the base of your cat’s tail. If you have big cats, you can go for the largest litter box available, but it may not be enough. In this case, you can go alternative options and make your own cat litter box. Click here to read this interesting study about the litter box size preferences in domestic cats.

How Many Cat Litter Boxes Should You Have?

The best answer is that you should try to have at least one cat litter box for one cat. So, if you have two cats, make sure you have two separate cat litter pans or boxes for them. However, it also depends on the personality of the cats that you have. Some cats don’t mind sharing their litter box with other cats, but some cats may not like it. Some acts may not urinate and defecate in the same litter box. It is strongly advised to decide whether you want to get one or more cat litter boxes based on the number and personally of your cat.

Cat Litter Box Furniture

There is a wide variety of clever cat litter box furniture that you can use to hide or cover the litter box you have in your home. This type of furniture comes in plethora of styles, colors, sizes and shapes. You can find it online on sites like Amazon or any decent pet store. It is not a must-have item, but if you don’t want to make your interior décor look good, you can use cat litter box furniture.

There you have it! I have tried my best to give you the best advice I can to make it easier for you to choose a decent cat litter box that will keep your cat happy.If you would like to add to it, please leave a comment down below. I would love to hear from you about your experience with your kitty litter box.


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