A Complete Guide to Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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Are you a cat owner and looking for a best cat litter box? If yes, then you are in the right place. There are many different types of kitty litter boxes out there, but here we are going to talk about self cleaning cat litter box. Cat litter boxes were introduced for the first time in 1940s and since that time they have evolved so much. These days, they are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and with features. Due to the busy life, most cat owners prefer to have automatic or self cleaning cat litter box that does not require a lot of maintenance. Once you will have a self cleaning kitty litter box, you will fall in love with the convenience of the automatic litter box and you might never want to go for any other option. Let’s have a look at what is a self cleaning cat litter box, how does it work, and what is the best automatic kitty box out there.

Types of Self Cleaning Cat Boxes

There are different sub-types of self cleaning kitty litter boxes. Although, they are different from each other in terms of the number of features they have or how they self clean the litter, still they have some similarities. All of these different types of kitten litter boxes serve the same purpose, which is auto cleaning of the cat’s urine and feces. The type of auto cleaning litter box that you might want to buy totally depends on your personal preferences, budget and number of cats you have. We will get to these things later in this blog post.

How Does A Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Work?

Most auto cleaning cat litter boxes have a rake that keeps in motion and goes through and around the litter. It removes the waste from the litter box in different ways. For one example, the cat waste is deposited into a specific type of container in one corner of the kitty litter box.

Kitty Litter Box with Sensor

Some kitty litter boxes come with a motion sensor that can detect the cat movements. It is set off when a cat enters and leaves the cat litter box. As soon as the cat leaves the litter box, the sensor causes the rake to move across the litter bowl and clean the cat excretions. You can set a timer for these sensors which means that sensor will activate the rake or the cleaning arm at a specific time. The advanced cat litter boxes have fail safe that prevents the rake or the cleaning arm from moving while the cat is still using the box.

Choosing the Right Type of Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

There are many different types of self cleaning cat litter boxes out there due to which you might find it a bit confusing to choose the right type of self cleaning kitty litter box. Here are some tips to help you avoid any confusion.

Read the Directions

Every cat litter machine comes with a manual. You should be able to find that manual online. Here are two main benefits of reading the manual. This practice will give you a clear idea of how does the self cleaning kitty litter box that you want to buy work. It is important to note that every cat litter machine has different requirements, for example, some machines many require clumping cat litter, some may require a specific type of litter, and some machines use crystal granules etc. If you have this information, it would be easier for you to choose a good litter box for your kitty. Using the right type of litter will make sure that your litter machine works properly.

Power Options for Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Different self cleaning kitty litter machines run on different power sources. Some are powered by electricity, some are battery operated, and cat litter machines come with both options. Self cleaning cat litter box can be noisy because they have a motor that pulls the cleaning arm or rake through the litter in order to clean the box. This noise is audible when the litter machine is running the cleaning cycle.

Getting Your Cat to Use Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Some cats may not like the noise. If your cat also does not like noises, it might take some time for your cat to get used to it. In rare cases, some cats may refuse to use the self cleaning cat litter box because of noise and if you cat does that too, you can try different things, such as don’t activate the motor that makes noise for a day or two until your cat is using the box on a regular basis. Once your kitty is comfortable using the automatic litter box, you can activate the motor and let the cleaning cycle run. During this time, make sure you observe the reaction of your cat. Another way to get your cat to use the new litter box is to put small amount of cat feces or urine into the automatic cat litter box. This will make your cat feel comfortable. It will actually encourage your cat to use the new litter machine.

I am happy to share this information with all of you because I know how difficult it can be to choose a right kitty litter box, especially when you don’t know where to begin. But now you know your options, so I hope it will help you buy the best cat litter box that your cat will love.


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