Should You Buy a Covered Litter Box for Your Cat?

Are you on the cat litter box hunt and wondering if you should buy a covered litter box or not? Stop wondering because here you will find everything about covered cat litter container. The information in this article should help you make a well-informed decision about whether or not you should buy a covered or hidden cat litter box.
You may be thinking that a covered litter box would be a great choice because it will keep the cat feces or urine covered, out of your sight, offering complete privacy. But before you go ahead and make a purchase, there are some facts that you should take into close consideration. Let’s have a look at these facts:

Covered Litter Box – Is It Cat-Friendly?

The first and most important factor that you should consider is if a covered litter box that you are considering buying is cat-friendly or not. Cat-friendliness of a hidden cat litter box depends on some other factors, such as location, size, self-cleaning, type of litter and if it is noisy.

Cat Owner’s Perspective about Covered Cat Litter Box

Let’s dig deeper and look at hidden cat litter box from a cat owner’s perspective. First of all, as a cat owner, you would think a covered kitty litter machine is a perfect option because it is covered and it looks tidy. As a cat owner, you may think a covered litter container:

– hides cat while they are using it
– hides cat’s waste (feces and urine)
– keeps bad smell inside the litter box
– gives more control over handling litter
– easy to use
– blends in well with other furniture

There is no doubt about that all the above mentioned features are what a cat owner wants. But the question is: what your cat wants?

All these features may be attractive to you, but your cat may not like your tidy cat litter machine. It could happen because of some behavioral issues. Due to this fact it is important to look at it from cat’s perspective. This is because your cat will be using it and if they don’t like it, you will have a hard time getting your cat used to it. In order for you to know what your cat really wants, you should think like a cat. From cat’s perspective, a covered litter box is:

– inconvenient to enter and exit the hidden cat litter box, especially for bigger cats
– wet because the litter box is not properly ventilated
– unpleasant because bad smell traps inside the box
– limiting cat’s sight
– not clean enough because the cover does not allow frequent and sufficient scooping

Should You Buy a Covered Litter Box?

That being said, let’s look at different features of a tidy cat litter machine and see if you would still be interested to buy it.

Hidden Cat Litter Box – Privacy

There is no doubt about the fact that a covered litter container provides more privacy than any other types of litter machine available in the market. But it is important to understand that cats don’t care much about privacy. privacy is still an important aspect from cat owner’s point of view because you would not want to see your cat do their business in the cat litter box. So, from this aspect, a hidden cat litter box is a better option than an open kitty litter that does not offer any privacy.

Covered Litter Box – Safety

Your cat’s big issue may be the safety, especially if you have multiple cats. You should keep safety of all your cats into mind when buying a kitty litter box. Your cats may feel insecure if there is tension between them. They may not feel safe when using the litter. One cat can ambush the cat that is using the litter box. To make sure your cat feels safe, you should consider buying a covered litter box that allows your cat to escape while the other cat is waiting to attack.

Covered Litter Box – Air Circulation

Another important aspect to keep into mind when buying a cat litter box is the proper air circulation inside the litter box. If the hidden cat litter box that you are getting for your cat does not have good air circulation, your cat might not want to use it because the bad smell will trap inside it. Proper air circulation helps the litter to dry quickly and keeps the litter box from smelling bad.

Covered Litter Box – Size

Most covered litter boxes come in small size. To make sure your cat gets easy access to the litter bowl where it can poop and urinate, choose a size that can accommodate your cat without any problem. That being said, you might want to keep the location where you are going to put the cat litter box into mind.

In conclusion, in this post I tried my best to give you some information about covered litter boxes. If you want to buy this type of litter box, I hope the aforementioned information will help you choose the right one for your cat.

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