Cat Tail Flicking: What Does It Mean When My Cat Wags its Tail?

cat tail wagging

Cat is a very communicative animal and good understanding of cat body language can help you have a good relationship with your cat. One of the most important cat body language signs is cat tail flicking. Cat tail wagging or flicking is very different from dog tail waging. While dogs flick their tail to show greeting and excitement, the way your cat flicks its tail it could have entirely different meanings. If you own a cat and you have been having difficulties understanding or communicating with your cat, then read on because here you will find the common reasons why cat flicks their tail.

Cat Tail Shaking: What Does It Mean?

Sometimes you may notice that your cat shakes its tail. The cat tail shaking may mean different things depending on the speed at which your cat shakes its tail. If your cat is mildly irritated, it will shake the tip of its tail quickly. If your tail is shaking all of its tail, it denotes happiness.

Cat Tail Twitching: Your Cat is Excited or Worried

Occasional twitching indicates excitement or nervousness in your cat. Cat twitching indicates the hunting behavior of this animal. If your cat is twitching only its tail’s tip, it shows mild irritation.

Cat Tail Flicking Side to Side

If you notice your cat tail flicking swiftly from side to side, it means that your cat wants to play with you or it is in angry mood. The best response to this cat behavior is to leave your cat alone.

Cat Tail Swishing Violently

If your cat swishes its tail violently from side to side, it means that your cat is about to attack and clearly not happy about something.

Protruding Fur in Different Directions

When the fur your cat’s tail protrudes in all directions, it is an indication of excitement or it could also mean that your cat feels threatened.

Vibrating Tail

You may have noticed slight vibrations in your cat’s tail when it sees you. This simply means that your cat is happy to see you.

Cat Tail Wagging while Sleeping

If you notice your cat wags its tail while sleeping, it simply means that your cat is telling you that it hears you. It is actually a cat’s way to re-assure you that it feels comfortable in your presence and it wants to sleep. So, next time you call your cat while its sleeping and you see it wag its tail instead of directly acknowledging you, it is indication that your cat wants to sleep and they are aware of your presence.

Cat Tail Communication: Decoding Cat’s Moods & Behaviors

cat communication

Here you will learn how to understand the different positions of your cat tail.

Curled Tail

When you cat moves its tail upward and curl it, it means your cat is happy.

Straight Up Tail

When the cat is extremely aggressive or unhappy, it will keep its tail straight up and lower its back down to form an “N”. Cats do this in their self-defense to show that they are ready to defend themselves.

Straight Tail Inclining at a Lower Angle

When your cat’s tail is straight but slightly inclining at a lower angle it shows fright or slight aggression.

Tail Facing Ground

When your cat lower its tail tip towards the ground, it indicates two things: guilt or fright.

Fully Erected Tail with Stiffly Vertical Tip

If you catch your cat with this tail position it means that your cat is happy to see you and it is greeting you without any reservations. This behavior is common in kittens when they greet their mothers.

Fully Lowered Tail

This type of cat tail position translates into lowly social status. If your cat lowers its tail and tucks it into hind legs, it is a clear indication that your cat’s mood is down and it is feeling defeated.

Cat Tail Held To One Side

This is a clear indication that your cat wants to mate. This type of tail signal is directed towards a male cat that he can mount the female cat without being attacked.

There you have it! This post should help you understand why it is important to understand what different types of cat tail flicking mean. Once you fully understand the cat tail meaning, you will be able to communicate with your cat in a better way.

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